Adult Tennis Programs

We have a great lineup of programs, classes, and events for you!  Click the buttons below to check out our current options for players of all ages and skill level.


Love to Learn

For new players or beginners with minimal tennis experience. Love to Learn is a 6 week play opportunity with players of equal skill and experience.

Pros work with players on shot basics, point construction, and rallying. Players work up to practice sessions with volunteer mentors who get participants up to speed on court etiquette, scoring, calling lines, and other rules and procedures.

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Drop-in Doubles

What is Quads? Do I need a partner? No! This is engineered to mix all players, so you may start the league with a partner but the following week you may not play with them.

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Adult Advanced Combat

This class is a high intensity battle, where only the strong survive! This class is designed to offer high level play for advanced players. Instructional warmup will be given but the class is more focused on game scenarios. Must be a 3.5 level or higher for this program.

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Beginner Doubles Clinic

Just started playing and need more help playing doubles? This is the class for you! Learn basic doubles strategy and great habits to start your doubles game headed in the right direction! This class is engineered for a 3.0 level or lower.

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Shot of the Week Clinic

Shot of the week Clinic! Coach’s choice one shot focus come on out!

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Cardio Tennis

RCCB version of Cardio Tennis!

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Private Tennis Lessons

Private Lessons

Private lessons are 1 : 1 (player : instructor) based with one of our outstanding certified instructors focusing on the individual and how they can get their game to the next level.


Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-private lessons are a ratio of 2 : 1 (player : instructor). Focuses on the same fundamentals of a private lesson but also includes some match play.


Group Sessions

Play with your private & fun group and have a great time!


Hitting Sessions

Hitting sessions are for players who want to work on consistency with an instructor with lesson lesson and more play.