Racquet Club of Cocoa Beach hosts First Tennis Mixer in Two Years

On Friday, April 29, the Racquet Club of Cocoa Beach hosted their first Tennis Mixer in over two years. To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, more than 30 people gathered for a night of tennis, music, drinks, and fun. 

The goal of these Mixers is to get people in the community in one area to connect and make new friends. Turns out, that mission was successful. 

Attendees of the Racquet Club Cocoa Beach Mixer enjoy the games and drinks.

Head Pro, John Sanders said that the energy from everyone was amazing and loads of people were talking to one another and getting to know each other. 

While there was Doubles Round Robin Tennis, the focal point isn’t put on winning and losing, rather to have a good time, laugh, and smile with one another while doing it. 

This was the first mixer since 2020 as Covid put a halt to many USTA Florida events throughout the state.

Players comepte in the Round Robin Doubles at the Racquet Club Cocoa Beach Cinco de Mayo Mixer.

The good news for those who may have missed this Mixer or couldn’t attend is that more are on the way. The Racquet Club of Cocoa Beach is aiming to host their next Mixer in August and wants to have them on a more regular schedule going forward.  

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